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African Lookbook is an online space for discussions in the format of oral histories and for selling cutting edge African products. The site was co-founded by Aaron Kohn and Phil Sandick, a couple of American guys who have both lived and worked in Africa for several years. Here are a few eclectic finds from their site.

Check out the African Lookbook website to find these and other items, as well as the Oral Histories project and more.

Qalakabusha-Couch on African Lookbook
Where-its-At-Design-Indaba-Book on African Lookbook
Street-Level-Dar-Greeting-Cards on African Lookbook
Maxhosa-by-Laduma-Sweater-Blue on African Lookbook

Images via the African Lookbook website (from top): African Lookbook iPhone cases; Qalakabusha limited edition couch by Ardmore Design; Where It's At publication curated by Richard Hart for Design Indaba; Street Level Dar greeting card by Afri-love interviewee Sarah Markes; sweater by Maxhosa by Laduma.


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