The Best of 2012: Art, Design, Interviews, Commentary & Music

It will be 2013 in under a week and that means it's time for one of those lists summing up the highlights of the year! The following is a selection of posts that you found most interesting (as per the analytics); posts that I most enjoyed creating; exciting discoveries and; some off-blog but on-topic articles.

Baytail Ajaib Lamu Interior Design

Art and Design

Interview with Artist Toyin Odutola


Film Africa 2012 - Difficult Love - Lets Talk About Sex 



Afri-love elsewhere




What did you enjoy most this year? I'd really love to hear from you.

Stay tuned for a new 'kind' of series next year (cryptic enough?) and for more inspiration, thoughts and ideas to do with pursuing your passions, injecting more creativity into your days and living with more love and balance. Happy New Year!

Images from top: Baytil Ajaib; work by Toyin Odutola; a still from the film, Difficult Love; via


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