Buy African: Sseko Designs – Accessories and Education

Oftentimes the desire to support African design – and production in general – is there but, the products aren't always very accessible. In this "Buy African" series, I'll be highlighting various outlets to help you turn your intentions into action. 



Based in Uganda, Sseko [pronounced say-ko] makes leather sandals, tote bags and clutch bags. The not-for-profit was founded to enable bright young women to generate income that will then put them through a university education. They will not make sandals forever.

Not only is the model behind Sseko novel but the concept of their main product is interesting too! With every sandal, the straps are interchangeable. You buy one pair of soles and not only can you change the straps as you wish but you can also tie each of them in numerous ways. Sseko has created several video tutorials showing different ways to tie your Sseko's.

Find out more about Sseko and buy their designs online.

Images, from top: Red sandals (image); the sandal formula, a couple of their accent tote bags, the Swiss Miss Annalise clutch, Sseko graduate, Teddy, who is in her second year studying to be a surgeon at Medicare Health Professionals Institute (image); some of the women behind Sseko Designs


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