Hellooooo London: Back in the Big City


I'm finally back in my beloved London after a 3-year stint in Manchester. While there are several things I'll miss about being up North (greetings from strangers, pleasant bus drivers, and of course all the wonderful people I got to know), I'm so happy to be back in the beautiful melting pot that is the UK's capital. 

It's been a little over a week and I still haven't had a quiet moment to myself. Last week I was participating in the London Design Festival Visible by Design series (including a Design Salon feature where author and journalist Dominic Lutyens interviewed yours truly) and unpacking and getting the flat habitable. This week the agenda of catching up with work will be interspersed with client meetings, a visit to the workspace Asilia will be moving into next month (exciting!) and a Careers Awareness Fair at Skinners' Academy. All this to say – this is the buzz that I've missed.


Here's a list of 9 things I'm looking forward to doing over the next few weeks (in no particular order):

  1. Visit Soboye, a fashion and lifestyle boutique (post coming soon)
  2. Check out what's showing at the Design Museum
  3. Visit Wholefoods Market and stock up on some primal fodder
  4. Visit the Heatherwick and Ballgowns exhibitions at the V&A Museum
  5. Finally attend a party/event at Passing Clouds
  6. Check out African Worlds and The Body Adorned at the Horniman Museum (and some of the other great exhibitions and displays there!)
  7. Go wandering in Brixton and see what's new
  8. Go swimming in the ladies' pond at Hampstead Heath with my friend T
  9. Check out some Black History Month events (post coming next week with more details and ideas)


Wanna meet-up?

I've been long considering starting an Afri-love meet-up group and I wondered whether they'd be enough interest to make it worthwhile. I imagine organising meet-ups where we get together and explore/enjoy some of the several African and Diaspora related events that this great city has to offer (and by all means, events beyond London too). Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in and I'll get the ball rolling. Drop a comment below.

Images: Passing CloudsBenin Bronze, Soboye Cushion, Ladies pond


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  1. Sweet! Thanks for letting me know Beaullah and Kayta. Please stay tuned for details (or you can send me a message at afrilovemail AT gmail DOT com so I can make sure to email you more info when the time comes).

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