Going Primal: Why and How (and What I’m Eating)


I’ve been going primal/paleo for a little over a year but in the past couple of months, I’ve become more and more determined to make a more committed transition. I’ve been discovering more and more blogs on the subject, reading more inspiring success stories and experiencing more positive results (and negative ones too when I slip off-course). You may have read a couple of my posts on the subject already – I thought it would be good to preface any future posts with a little more background.


To be healthier (that was easy hey?). In terms of losing weight. In terms of getting stronger and fitter. In terms of strengthening my immune system and reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a host of other all-too-common diseases and ailments.


Primarily through changing my diet. There is so much more to this lifestyle including exercise (but not how you’ve been led to believe is ideal), sleep, upping your vitamin D and play but, diet is the cornerstone.

I have a sweet tooth. I love desserts. I also love bread! Both these food types are serious no-nos and I am working on weaning myself off these addictions (I do not use the word “addiction” lightly). By training my body to become a fat-burning rather than sugar-burning machine, I will achieve these goals.

Some people get discouraged because the cost of “clean food” seems too high. Here’s a great post from Paleo Lifestyle Magazine that helps to put things in perspective: “Eating Healthy Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive So Stop Whining About It

My boyfriend and I have an account with Riverford Organic Farms – they deliver meat, veg, dairy (and occasionally wine) to our doorstep each week for what I think is quite a reasonable price. I just discovered Well Hung Meat and will be trying them out (they insist animals be grass-fed).

What I’m Eating



  • Eggs. Boiled, poached, fried with butter or scrambled with butter and heavy cream. Sometimes with bacon, sometimes with organic gluten-free sausages, sometimes with wild smoked salmon, sometimes on their own.
  • Egg bake (an adaptation of the Omelet Muffins on Mark’s Daily Apple. Mainly because we didn’t have a muffin baking tin! We experiment with different ingredients but mostly we include minced beef or pork, cheese, onions, green/red peppers and herbs/spices). Similar recipes can be found on tasteofhome.comKalyn’s Kitchen and Oxygen (minus the meat).


  • Salads. A variety of vegetables (switch these up to keep things dynamic) and some grilled protein (usually chicken, with the skin-on!). You can try grilled steak, fresh and even canned fish (e.g. tuna, wild salmon, sardines). A combination of bacon, feta cheese and olives makes a tasty salad too!
  • Soups, sans the bread
  • Grilled meat with coleslaw
  • The egg bake/muffins make a good lunch too, with a generous helping of salad or coleslaw on the side.
  • Leftovers!


  • Beef stew or chilli (minus the beans) with cabbage
  • Grilled fish and buttered vegetables
  • Roast chicken with roast vegetables
  • Roast joints of beef, pork or lamb. This lamb and vegetable recipe from Jamie Oliver is fab.
  • Beef, pork and lamb steaks and chops with vegetables
  • Stir-frys (stir-fries?)

Snacks and treats

  • Biltong (if you’re in the UK, try out some of this wonderful organic biltong from the Chichester Biltong Company)
  • Butternut Squash “pudding” (something we created by accident. Recipe to come!)
  • Full fat Greek yoghurt
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fruit smoothies (I use a tin of coconut milk instead of milk/yoghurt. Very rich and satisfying!)
  • Occasionally, a piece of fruit

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  1. I am inspired; instead of spending money on material things that depreciate, we can as well spend it on our health – more important than anything else!

  2. In terms of strengthening my immune system and reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and a host of other all-too-common diseases and ailments.

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