Inspired: CHOOLIPS Diamond Petals Golden Coast Collection, Spring Summer 2013




The Spring Summer 2013 "Diamond Petals: Golden Coast" collection by CHOOLIPS is simply beautiful. Inspired by the soul of Ghana’s streets, the bright and bold pieces are hand printed in Ghana by local batikers and tailored by SOKO in Kenya. The textiles are inspired by the floral headresses and geometric body paintings of the Surma tribe from Omo Valley, Ethiopia.

CHOOLIPS is all about sustainability and transparency. This ethos is expressed in the brand's insistence on exquisite craftmanship; fusion of influences from various cultures; fair trading; small water and carbon footprints and; aim to harmonise the mindset of producers and consumers.

"When something is beauty, creates positive impact and people love it – that’s a pretty powerful cocktail. It’s like cupid flying around with his bow and arrow changing the world. It’s all about love. It makes no sense to make clothes any other way."

— CHOOLIPS Designer and Founder, Annegret Affolderbach

I couldn't agree more!

Find out more about CHOOLIPS here.

Images courtesy of CHOOLIPS


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