A Quick Tour of the Afri-love Blog (for New Readers and Old-Timers Alike)


I've been slowly doing some overdue maintenance and amelioration on the blog and part of it has been coming up with a "Start Here" page. While this will be especially useful to readers who are new to the site, I thought I'd share the highlights as, some of you old-timers may discover something new too!


On the "Start Here" page you will find:

  • Introductions – A little information about the person behind the blog
  • The story behind Afri-love – Why I started it and what I hope to achieve
  • What to expect – A listing of the types of posts you will find on the blog (see below)
  • Dive in (popular posts) – A short list of some of the posts you've enjoyed most over the past 3+ years. I'll be reviewing this regularly and updating it accordingly
  • Extra stuff – Some of the other stuff you can find/access on the blog, including creative services; posts, articles I've written elsewhere as well as press; resources – a directory of relevant/useful sites (another item on my maintenance list is to populate this much more. Suggestions welcome!)
  • Get more Afri-love – Different options for staying tuned, depending on what you want and when 


Types of posts on Afri-love

As mentioned above, here's a list of what you can expect:


Thank you as always for reading and sharing your feedback and ideas. I look forward to hearing more and from more of you!


Recommended reading:


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