Inspired: Photography by Delphine Diallo – The Highness Project



After working in the music industry for several years, artist Delphine Diaw Diallo was disillusioned by a world driven by mass consumption. Thus began her journey to the work she creates today. Art that connects with spirits that she hopes will help detach humans from the material world.

Above is new work from the “Highness” project where Delphine has worked with Tresse Agoche, Soull Ogun and Dynasty Presh.

"The "Highness" project is a new vision in the 21th century which includes mediums of sculpture, design, photography, collages, and music. A new era which gives birth to an evolved future where the audience experiences the gift that is woman.  In this, we create a capsule of work that becomes timeless and unbound, a vision for future observers to witness. Indefinite and inevitable, this future will exist…’

Not only do I like the drama of the photos but the intricate hair design/styling is beautiful. View more of the series on Delphine's website.

Images courtesy of the artist, Delphine Diallo


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