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Reason #22 via Marianne Williamson: "And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." <- I haven't tried no grains, no sugar, but you make it seem possible and worthwhile.

A lovely addition Kathryn, thank you! I highly recommend the no grains, no sugar. Let me know how it goes if you try it. Much love!

Great post! I've also been trying to avoid wheat and sugar from m diet for the last few months, but haven't been able to successfully wean off it. Think I must just take the plunge and try your challenge, difficult as it may seem. Quick question: what alcohol do you drink? Doesn't all alcohol have some sort of sugar content?

Great post, Lulu! I am in the midst of transitioning to a primal lifestyle (day 15!) and you are dead-on! I feel SO much better.

About sugar cravings. I have been keeping a food journal--nothing detailed, just what I eat and if I notice anything out of the ordinary in terms of how I feel--and it has been an invaluable way to evaluate "mistakes".

There were a couple of incidents where I succumbed to a craving for sweets. Looking at my food journal I realized those cravings ALWAYS happened when I had either skipped a meal at some point during the day OR I ate meals that were too small.

Our bodies need a certain amount of energy (calories) every day for basic metabolic functions and if we're not getting enough our bodies will make demands in the form of cravings. And since sweet starchy foods supply tons of calories very quickly, that's what we'll look to grab.

If you find yourself craving sweets, that's probably the reason. Eat a hearty primal meal instead and the sugar cravings will disappear.
And as a preemptive measure, don't skip meals. Both of those have worked for me like a charm.

Hope that helps!

@MzansiGirl During the 21 days, I allowed myself an occasional glass of red wine. Here's a useful article from Mark Sisson – a definitive guide to "healthy drinking".

@Crystal So glad to hear that it's going so well so far! That's a really good idea to keep a food journal – something I've been meaning to start myself. It's interesting to read just how effective it's been in terms of helping you to identify counterproductive habits. Thanks for sharing your tips. I'm looking forward to sharing your tips regarding staying strong at events…

… @All, look forward to those on Thursday!

@MzansiGirl Oops! Here's the link: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/low-carb-alcohol/#axzz23XiSdmGv

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