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Gaylene Gould Modern Day Griots


I'm always reminded of how much I love radio when I visit home (Kenya). I've just returned to the UK from what ended up being a 5 week trip and as I acclimatise, I find news of some upcoming radio goodies.

Tune in to BBC Radio 4 this Tuesday at 11:30 am for Modern Day Griots. The documentary explores the West African griot tradition and how it has inspired a new generation of British artists.

Written and presented by Gaylene Gould of Write Talk Listen (pictured), the show will feature a great line-up of musicians and performers including Fatoumata Diawara, Zena Edwards, Inua Ellams, HKB Finn, Tunde Jegede, Sona Jobarteh and Seckou Keita.

The show will also air on Saturday June 9th at 3:30pm. 

Gaylene Gould image via BBC

2 thoughts on “Modern Day Griots: Tune in next week”

  1. You know, for the longest I refused to admit my love of talk radio. It just seemed incredibly UN-cool. But even as a child I remember my FAVORITE part of the music line up was when the DJ started talking. I’ve come to conclude (and accept) that my love of talk radio really boils down to a love of hearing stories. And since storytelling has been imprinted in our DNA for the last million years or so, I’d say there’s probably a lot of other closeted talk radio listeners out there, too. Happy listening!

  2. Definitely! I currently don’t listen to much talk radio – or radio in general. When I’m in Kenya I listen to much more but I observe – and Kenyans, tell me if I’m missing something here – there’s not that much talk radio. Missed opportunity? How can we make talk radio more cool and engage a new generation of people who’ve grown up with the internet?
    Or do we take advantage of new mediums for the same/similar result? For example, I sometimes listen to Ted Talks as I work. Similar in concept to listening to a talk radio show isn’t it? Listening to amazing stories, broadening your horizons, learning something.

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