Dream homes: Another Lamu Beauty





I came across this beautiful house in Lamu, designed by Claudio Modola. Traditional Swahili plasterwork was replicated in the house and took local artisans two and a half years to finish! Most of the furnishings were locally sourced as well, made by local craftsmen using salvaged driftwood, proving once again the value (and beauty!) of working with your environment/context. This centuries-old island off the northern coast of Kenya inspires some great architecture and design (see another example). I cannot wait to visit one day soon. 

Photographs by Tim Beddow. Read more about the project and see more pictures on Afritecture and on Modola's site.

6 thoughts on “Dream homes: Another Lamu Beauty”

  1. Lamu you have my heart! I love the houses you designed, they are just heart tugging! Can you give me one for my birthday? lol….

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