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Not to bore you by stating it again but, I absolutely love visual bookmarking platform, Pinterest (and I swear they're not paying me to say so!). I love being able to easily organise all the beautiful visual inspiration I come across when surfing the net and doing research for projects. It's fantastic to come across a fellow user whose taste resonates with yours – you get to discover so much more creative fodder.


If you enjoy Afri-love, you may enjoy the Africa-themed/inspired boards I've created (you can browse without an account):


And a few that aren't Africa-specific but are related to some of the general themes of this blog


I have several other boards that you might also enjoy, to do with design, illustration, typography, furniture, places and spaces, patterns, colours etc.


Are you on Pinterest? Drop a link to your page in the comments.

(Images above found on Pinterest. Left pinned by Sylia Awino, right via Brainpickings)
[Post updated April 2013]


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5 thoughts on “African inspiration on Pinterest”

  1. Thanks for checking out my boards. Pinterest is amazing – what was I doing before?!
    Some great fashion MsK, thanks for the link.
    Lauren, I love your boards too! Especially the retro themed ones.
    More excuses to spend time on Pinterest 🙂

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