Malene B: carpets & interior decorating inspired by Africa



Malene Barnett
's custom handmade carpets are inspired by her international travels, love of all things cultural and her African-Caribbean heritage. Above are pieces from her signature collection, Wolof – inspired by traditional Wolof fashion and, Timbuktu – inspired by ancient mud architecture of Mali.

I love Malene's use of bold colour and pattern and fell in love with her design sensibility even more when I saw pictures of her apartment on The Selby. A must-see collection of photographs!



Find out more about Malene and her work on her website.

Images from top: the Wolof carpet and the Timbuktu carpet and the inspiration behind it (via the Malene B website). Malene at home and some of her African finds (via The Selby)

2 thoughts on “Malene B: carpets & interior decorating inspired by Africa”

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  2. If I ever got to buy this carpet, I would display it in my living room where it would be seen by all people who visit. I would partner it with some scented candles and a dark brown couch with deep seats! That would be a great living room for relaxing and swapping stories!

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