L-atitude: where fashion meets travel: The Africa representatives


I recently discovered online boutique, L-atitude: "where fashion meets travel" – a curated collection of exotic, exclusive and edgy finds from Africa, South America, Asia, Europe and the US.


Above are a handful of pieces from the designers representing Africa on L-atitude.

Designers include:

Adèle Dejak If you've been reading the blog for a while then you're probably already familiar with the Nigerian-born, Kenya-based Adèle Dejak. Her collections are inspired by materials and techniques from across the continent including Congolese Kuba fabric and the use of horn, brass and ebony. 

Lauren Pierce
One-of-a-kind hand-dyed silk clothing created by women in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Merchants on Long 
Cape Town concept store with fashion, housewares and art made by African artisans and designers. 

One Fine Thread
Pieces crafted from natural resources such as wild seeds, sticks, bone, leather, tortoisehell and ostrich eggshells, created by designer Anna Haber and San Bushmen in the Kalahari.

The Maasai Collections
Handcrafted pieces paying homage to Maasai women. 

The East African "lesso" or "khanga" is reimagined.

The creation of supermodel/actress, Liya Kebede, Lemlem is a collection of wares crafted by Ethiopian weavers. In Amharic, the term means "to flourish" and the label helps to keep weavers in employment and their traditional skills alive. 

Top image, clockwise from top left: Lemlem Helina Tunic, Adele Dejak Kilarney Maasai Cuff, Merchants on Long Dolce & Banana Dnergy Necklace, One Fine Thread 7 Hoop Ostrich Eggshell Necklace.
Bottom image: Lauren Pierce Hand Dyed Wrap Silk Dress and LaLESSO Beach Marefu Dress.

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