Etsy inspiration from AfricaDirect: African trade beads, art, jewellery and other artifacts

Green Talhakimt Glass trade bead

10 British West African Coins Nigeria African

Since setting up my Etsy shop, I've been spending a lot of time on the global handmade marketplace. Abundant with creativity, it's a great place for inspiration. Recently, I came across Etsy shop, AfricaDirect, specialising in trade beads, jewellery, carvings, masks, textiles and more.

The 15 year-old business is run by Elizabeth Bennett and Sara Luther who are passionate about African art, trade beads and ethnic jewellery. They insist on supporting living artists through soucing items from co-ops across Africa and they also buy from African traders in the US and Europe. Theirs is an interesting story which you can read more about here.

Visit their Etsy store to see more of the beautiful items they stock. Each item has a substantial description explaining its origin and history (often not what you'd expect!).

Seed Trade Beads Fulani

White Greenheart venetian trade beads

Get Creative
If you design jewellery or other crafts, or if you simply seek outlets for creative expression by making things with your hands, AfricaDirect is a great place to stock up on beautiful beads.

Painted Glass Kiffa beads Mauritania

Ethiopian Trade beads

Images via the AfricaDirect Etsy shop. From top: Painted glass Kiffa beads from Mauritania, Ethiopian trade beads, Fulani seed trade beads, Greenheart Venetian trade beads, Green Talhakimt glass trade bead, British West African coins from Nigeria

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  1. Hi Afri-Love,
    Thanks so much for featuring our Etsy store! Great article–it’s nice to know that people are finding and enjoying our beads.
    Thank you,
    Jacob on behalf of Africa Direct

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