Happy Mondays with a Ubeautiqous t-shirt giveaway!


Happy Monday! In case you need another reason to smile, I will be giving away a M/L women's t-shirt designed by yours truly (and screen printed by hand by Creativity and Noise), as part of the Adorned collection. View the designs and colours on my new Etsy shop, Ubeautiqous

To enter
Visit the Afri-love Facebook page and leave a wall message with your favourite colour from the t-shirt selection. Remember, you can view the available colours on Etsy. Make sure to leave your message before next Monday (10th October).

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2 thoughts on “Happy Mondays with a Ubeautiqous t-shirt giveaway!”

  1. And the winner is … Gathoni! Thanks to everybody who entered. Don’t forget to subscribe to Afri-love to stay tuned about all upcoming giveaways and other special treats.

  2. I like that t-shirt design. It’s attractive and would look good on ladies of different sizes, whether they are petite or plus sized.
    Guess it’s too late to enter now. Maybe I’ll be able to win in the next one you have, if you decide to do this again.
    That orange looks good but I would have probably chosen one in a red for myself.
    Congrats to Gathoni and better luck next time to all who didn’t win this time around.

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