Flowers From Fatima: an interview with designer Fatima Spencer


Meet designer Fatima Spencer. The dedicated 22 year-old makes handmade floral hair accessories and has built a business around her passion for hair and fashion – Flowers From Fatima. She wanted to share her inspiration with thousands of other women of colour and it's perfectly in line with this week's emerging theme – embracing your true self and setting your creative expression free!


What inspired you to start making the flowers?
I was inspired to design flowers through my family's community action program, in which I helped to plant flowers throughout my neighborhood. I became so enamored by flowers that I used to pluck the flowers from the garden often and wear them in my hair. However, I soon realized that the delicate beauties could no longer be admired in their natural state. Too quickly they wilted. Shortly after, I began to replicate the beauty of Mother Nature by designing silk floral accessories that were more suitable for fashionable wear and equally as beautiful, in meaning as well as appearance. 


What prompted you to turn the idea into a business?
Beautiful prompt – my older brother actually encouraged me to start a business! He's always been a business-savvy individual and he had so much confidence in both me and my work. I am grateful to have such a wonderful family! 

What challenges you've faced?
Right now, my greatest challenge is making the most of what I have. I started this business with little money, a dream, and a lot of hope. Until I get where I desire to be, I have to improvise and give Flowers From Fatima all that I have, mostly spiritually, to help it flourish. It seems to be growing! I am eternally thankful for my dedicated customers and friends who find joy in all that I do and acknowledge my hard work. 


What opportunities you've taken advantage of?
As long as the people that I collaborate with are positive individuals, I always seize the opportunity to share Flowers From Fatima with others, whether it be through showcasing my product at local events or sharing a few words in magazine features. 

What next for Flowers From Fatima?
Only UP from here!  


Check out more of Fatima's designs on the Flowers From Fatima website. First time customers get 10% off. You can also follow Fatima on Twitter.


Images courtesy of Fatima Spencer

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