Interview with fashion designer, John Kaveke


I posted about John Kaveke a couple of weeks ago, in advance of his London Fashion Week debut. Today, the busy Kenyan fashion designer shares some of his inspiration …


What are your passions?  
Fashion, wildlife and cycling

What inspired you to get into fashion?
I was always an artist before I became a designer. I am intrigued by the process of innovation.

Lwanda 2

What has been your greatest obstacle/challenge?
The lack of a vibrant textile industry in Kenya.   

How have you dealt with/overcome it?
By using local Khanga fabric and also buying fabrics from outside Kenya.

What is your greatest achievement?
Being recognized as "Must-watch Menswear Designer in Africa". 


Where will you be in 10 years?
Still designing in the fashion industry and mentoring young local designers.  

How does Africa inspire you?
The culture and raw materials.  

Anything else you'd like to share?
Africans need to put as much energy in Africa as they do in Europe because we need to also develop our own industries. 

Dan 1

Anything we should look out for in the coming weeks/months/year? 
A revolution in the menswear fashion industry, locally and internationally. 


Images courtesy of John Kaveke

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  1. Hi,I’m Elizabeth,I have certificate in pattern drafting and i have a passion in fashion design,I am very creative but my major problem is tailoring kindly advice.

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