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Love this. A teacher in undergrad once told the class that "making a choice" was only possible if you knew ALL of the available options. In this light, how many of us make choices, ever?

I think that's where examples come in. Each of us, in fact, is one. We are either examples that reinforce limitation, or examples that hint at the expanse of human potential.

"There are many ways to get to Mombasa." Ultimately, I don't think we need to know them all. I think the knowledge of variety and experience with travelers is more than enough to make the journeys fulfilling.

Thanks for the post!

You're welcome. I think that's it. Maybe we put off making choices because there's so much pressure to make the "right" one and we feel we must know ALL the available options to do so. But I choose to stear clear of "right" and "wrong" – there's just what you do and what you don't do. There's just experience … (and hopefully some learning and growing!)

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