Part II of the Independence Day round-up: August


During this blog's first year, I endeavored to celebrate the independence days of African countries through creating a dedicated post (you can browse them via this link). Continuing on from the July round-up, and from the general celebratory nature of this week, here are highlights from the August celebrations.


Benin – 1st August

A rich centuries-old artistic tradition and … Angelique Kidjo


Niger – 3rd August

Nature as canvas


Burkina Faso – 5th August

Burkina Faso is in many ways the home of African cinema – view clips of some classic African films


Cote d'Ivoire – 7th August


The vivid creations of photographer Paul Sika and Coupé Décalé phenomenon, Aladji


Chad – 11th August

More art in the natural landscape and Cannes award-winning film


Central African Republic – 13th August

Pierre Gwa's guitar will brighten the cloudiest day!


Republic of the Congo – 15th August

Not so urbanized members of one of our continents most urbanized countries do their thing


Gabon – 17th August

Home to Oliver Ngoma and the continent's highest Human Development Index. Find out more and listen to Oliver croon, via the post. Don't forget to check out the virtual museum at


Top images via GabonArt and available as desktop wallpaper– more details here. Cote d'Ivoire photo by Paul Sika.

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