TGIF! with Adriano Adewale


It's been a beautiful day – both in terms of the weather and in terms of some wonderful Skype sessions that I've had with some very inspiring women (more on that soon). The music of Brazillian percussionist, Adriano Adewale, seemed like the perfect complement and a fabulous way to begin the weekend. Having seen Adriano perform on stage, I must say – get yourself to one of his concerts soonest – it's the most fun you'll have watching music being made!

Asilia recently finished working on his website which you can check out here.


"Sounds are always in the air… We pass by it, we see it and sometimes we play with it. This is the world of sounds, it is all part of that great music, the song within us, which makes us moving and feeling."  
— Adriano Adewale



Illustration/collage by Lulu Kitololo/Asilia. Photo from the Adriano Adewale Facebook page

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