TGIF! A multi-sensory Osunlade experience


I absolutely love souful house music and Osunlade is my favourite DJ, within the genre and beyond. I once attended a party where he spinned, pretty much non-stop, for 5 hours or more! And there were no bums on seats throughout the entire venue.

And what's special about Osunlade and his record label, Yoruba Records, is that it's about spirit.

From the Osunlade ~ Yoruba Records Facebook page:

"Yoruba Record’s task is simple; to create good music that elevates humanity and expands the soul. From this premise, music is created freely to fully honor our ancestral lineage."

Osun Lade2

“For me, everything is an instrument, it all has sound. So in my eyes, I play every instrument, or at least I can create sound from anything. I think that’s the beauty of music. It’s not only about talent, it’s about perspective and the knowledge of how to create something from nothing and vice versa.” 
— Osunlade, President, Yoruba Records

The man's vision and talent has inspired a great many beautiful pieces or art. Above and below is a selection of CD covers and flyers, as well as a video (tracks for your listening pleasure on his MySpace page). 







Have I overdone it? Enjoy!


Images: top – by prop4g4nd4; photograph from Osunlade's websiteOsunlade presents Nadirah Shakoor, Pride; Flyer via Massive Selector; Osunlade's latest CD Pyrography (left) and Osunlade Presents the Yoruba Soul Remixes.

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