Do it for love: creating Epic Change for the mamas


Today is Mother's Day in many parts of the world and in the US alone, $14.6 billion will be spent buying stuff for the occassion.

My family isn't a gift-giving family. On the days that people usually exchange gifts – birthdays, Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day etc. – we're more concerned with being together. So it's more about organising a meal or a party than shopping. Culture, socioeconomics … that's a discussion for another time. What I will say now is that it definitely relieves a lot of pressure to get that "perfect" gift, saving a lot of money and sanity too!


To Mama With Love
That's why campaigns such as Epic Change's To Mama With Love are so great. A collaborative online art project, To Mama With Love enables you to create a special multimedia space for a mama you love. I don't know about yours but, my mama much more appreciates something sentimental and just for her than anything I could ever buy. And the even greater news is that, the money you spend creating this heartspace will be used to support 4 incredible women in Africa and Asia who are changing the lives of so many children.

Since this year's campaign started earlier this week, love for over 240 mamas has raised over $16,000. If that figure reaches $20,000 by midnight today (EST), a sponsor has offered to match with $5,000. Just in case you need even more incentive to create something for those special mamas in your life.

I and Asilia have had the great opportunity to work with Epic Change in designing the campaign so, it's even more moving for me to see how all these people from all over the world have come together in the name of love. If I ever doubted it's power, I would be forever converted!


My mamas
Here are three heartspaces that I've created for my mum, my paternal grandmother and the Muro sisters (my mum and her 2 sisters). I'd love to see what you've created – please do share. 


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