Rugby & revelling in the comfort of belonging


(And on the note of belonging, this is my attempt to claim my blog via Technorati: AXDCAV7JDRGA)

This weekend, I was down in London at the Emirates Rugby Sevens. I'm nowhere near an avid sports fan, let alone a rugby fanatic but, this is one annual event that I rarely miss. Why? 

It's a slice of home. The Kenya national rugby team has participated in the tournament for around a decade and hundreds of Kenyans (no exaggeration), from all over the UK, routinely gather in Twickenham for the occasion. The positive energy that vibrates, as we colourfully cheer our team on, makes even the non-Kenyan spectators want to infiltrate the sea of red, black and green. It's for this reason that I go – to be amongst my country-folk and to revel in the comfort of belonging. It's a joy to join in on the chants that are so idiosyncratically Kenyan. I mean, singing "Olé Olé" to cheer on your national team – that's an especially Kenyan identity dilemma. Complex issues aside, and regardless of weather conditions on the day, for a few hours you're transported home. I have no qualms in admitting that I go more for the socialising than for the sport. I know I'm not the only one!


Photo by Nikhil Jackson

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