Eritrea Independence Day with Elem magazine, Eat Alicha and eyo

EYo All About Timing

Today, Eritrea celebrates independence. A triple dose of inspiration lies below with Elem magazine, culinary treats from Eat Alicha and the musical stylings of eYo. I have to ask: are all these "E"s coincidental?



ELEM Magazine
ELEM exists as a platform for Eritreans to paint their own picture. The ELEM mission states:

"Too often, as Eritreans and Africans, we have been spoken about by others. Through ELEM, we want to celebrate the true us. We will write our own narrative and tell the story ourselves.

We want to drop the spotlight on young and aspiring artists, scientists, writers, movie makers, inventors and more. We will also highlight the achievement of Eritreans in whatever field they may be engaged in. We want our people and their friends to know and hear of these guys who will be role models to young and aspiring Eritreans.

ELEM wants to liberate our future by celebrating Eritreans as proud Africans in all our diversity."

Want more? View the current issue online.


Eat Alicha
My friend Elelta, who is of Eritrean and Ethiopian origin, left that part of the world when she was very young. She decided to start a website sharing "recipes for food that your mum (or your friend's mum) used to cook for you." The research involved has been a way for her to learn more about her culture and has also opened up a different and rich channel of communication with her mum. Get cooking at Eat Alicha and keep watching that space for more.



Elelta also put me on to eYo … and I've been rocking his tracks all morning! You can find out more about him via Facebook or his Tumblr site, Soul Aint Dead. Download his All About Timing album here but, before you go, here are a couple of sneak peeks:



Thanks El for all the insider info!

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