TGIF! You make the music: fund and follow the new African sound with Africa Unsigned

Africa Unsigned logo

Africa Unsigned is a platform that allows African musicians to record music funded by fans. Next Monday, the UK arm of Africa Unsigned launches and which means that UK based African artists can now be considered for "crowd funding" by their fans.

Rina Mushonga All my ships

Along with a new website, to celebrate, they're having a (free) party this weekend at the Market Club in London, presented by the Lake of Stars Festival. The event will feature live soulful tunes from Rina Mushonga and DJ sets from previous Lake of Stars headliners, Noisettes, DJ Tayo and The Young Offenders, as well as Africa Unsigned’s very own Dirty

Africa unsigned uk launch

UK-based African artists are invited to drop by on the 15th of May to give their demo to Africa Unsigned. The final selection of artists to be featured on the platform is done by their Music Panel consisting of the likes of Damon Albarn, Tony Allen & Baaba Mal. An exciting competition for these selected artists will be announced on the day.

There have been quite a few giveaways and offers this week (I almost feel like a pusher) and here's one more from the kind folks at Africa Unsigned: "Mikono Kwenye Hewa (Floris Jonker Remix)" by Muthoni the Drummer Queen.

Below, a video from Rina Mushonga:


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