Celebrating South Africa’s Freedom Day with fashion house Stoned Cherrie


It's a busy day for national celebrations on the continent today. While not an Independence Day, I wanted to commemorate South Africa's Freedom Day. The celebration marks the day of the first post-apartheid elections; the day from which EVERYBODY over 18 could vote, regardless of race.

Fittingly, I've chosen to share with you the beautiful designs of fashion house, Stoned Cherrie, "a lovingly non-conformist revolutionary expression of freedom" (their own words!). Their eclectic colours, textures and wonderful quirkiness indeed express this spirit and energy. Enjoy …





Top row of images from the Stoned Cherrie website. 2nd row: left – from fashionjunkii, right – from ifashion. 3rd row from Bella Naija. Bottom row from Maque DeGorgeous. Check out all these links for loads more (and larger) pics.

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