Lost in translation: KKKahawa


Afri-lovers! I've missed sharing with you over the past 3 weeks.

My trip to Kenya proved to be a lot more hectic than I'd anticipated (in a very good way) and as such, I couldn't make the time to post. However, as I said on the facebook page,  I've gathered a wealth of content during this time, from "on the ground," and I look forward to posting it over the next few weeks.

The coffee packet above is one I came across in Nairobi, while with my brother, @africlubguy. We were shocked to see it on the supermarket shelf. Did nobody in the approval chain realise the sensitivity of the spelling? Is it simply a case of not knowing/missing the cultural reference that many Americans would find extremely offensive (to put it lightly)? Or is it a bad joke exposing some unsavoury truths behind global trade (coffee is one of Kenya's most important exports)?

Alas, I'll be soon sharing with you some of my observations and reflections regarding other examples of ideas lost in translation. Thanks for your patience and support as always. Stay tuned and have a fabulous week!

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