Afri-love on Etsy – wax print edition


Last month, I posted an Etsy* showcase of things Afri-fabulous and red. This month, I’ve scoured the international online community and marketplace for all things wax print. Here’s just a small selection showing the versatility of the fabric.

From top: Dress by LesEnfantsSauvages; hair accessory by TatusWelle (left) and by SeiwaAkoto (right); handbag by GirlFauxPas; earrings by BowbiLadawa; children’s dress by LilCrumbsnatchers; retro-style apron by SuperSmallFry; yoga mat bag by LuluNyeusi


*Etsy aims to create an alternative economy by enabling people to make a living from making things (and doing what they love!), through facilitating direct access between buyers and sellers.

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