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Staff Benda Bilili

I hope you all had a wonderful week. Thanks for reading – the blog received record hits this week. Our relationship with our hair is clearly one we take extremely seriously. I often wonder whether it is the hair itself or the rituals associated with getting your hair done. Whether it's the drama and presence that manipulation of our versatile curly locks can create or; whether it's the bonding, education and joy we get from the time spent together, doing each others hair. Either way, the love is clearly there. 

Here's a round-up of last week's posts, in case you missed anything:

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Next week, look out for:

  • Quote of the week
  • When cultures collide – inspired fashion
  • Another interview with a talented person pursuing their dreams
  • More art and design inspiration
  • Celebrating Tanzania's Independence Day
  • TGIF!

Have a fantastic week! Be proud, be inspired and be thankful.



Images, starting 2nd from top: Le Coil photography by Jamala Johns; natural hair journey update; sex-ed murals in Tanzania; Kina Klothing tees; Staff Benda Bilili


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