Tanzania Independence Day


Tanzania celebrates Independence Day today.

My mother is from Tanzania and as a result, I have spent a bit of time there, particularly when I was younger. I will never forget Decembers when myself and my many cousins were "shipped off" to our grandparents house for the entire holiday season. Waking up to Mount Kilimanjaro right outside the window. Spending days creating missions in the outdoors such as: how to get mangos down from the tree and; exploring the mystery land beyond the stream at the bottom of  the farm. What a stream! So refreshing in that harsh December heat that we played in it daily (against the adults' wishes) and absolutely clear – you could see every little movement in the water below. Yes, I reminisce… 

In celebration of today, here are some photographs that I've taken in Tanzania over the last few years.



Looking out from Stone Town.


Outside Christ Church, a monument to the slaves at the site of the largest slave market in Zanzibar.


The Old Dispensary.


On the left: a mangove forest. On the right: taken while on my way to swim with dolphins! All along the way, the guy pictured kept asking me if I was sure I knew how to swim! On a later trip to Oyster Bay beach in Dar, several people were very amused that I could swim. I noticed that I was probably the only woman doing so.


The Kidichi Persian baths.


Relics from the past. On the left: a very small plaque on a wall outside the House of Wonders. On the right: inside the Palace.

Maili Sita, Moshi


Baby goats frolicking at my grandparent's farm.



My mother's family originates from Machame which is en route to the slopes of Kilimanjaro, which can be somewhat seen in the foggy distance above.


Banana country! Ndizi, matoke, mbege… 

Dar es Salaam


The big fish market in Dar.


My friend at the market. I'm one of those apparently strange people who likes the smell of raw fish. I don't know what's wrong with the rest of you!


Murals at the Kempinksi Kilimanjaro Hotel in Dar. Anyone know who the artist is?

To all my TZ peeps, how are you celebrating today (and this weekend!)?


All photography by Lulu Kitololo

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