Quote of the year


"Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes."

Henry D. Thoreau

This quote remains the one I cite the most. It's relevant to me in so many ways.

In my professional life, this year I've heeded Thoreau's advice and ventured into a business partnership where we're defining our own path. The independence is liberating and I feel more creative than ever!

When interpreted more widely, I take the quote to simply guard against not being yourself. That's one of the main reasons for this blog: to value and celebrate Africa,  as a place and as an identifier. Accepting that it's not that simple, this journey aims to value and celebrate our selves and all the many complex pieces and experiences that make up who we are. 

To know our selves and to love our selves; to let our passions speak to us and then let them speak to the world; to share with each other and; to grow. All in the absence of ill-fitting expectations and shiny shoes that don't suit the ground we are destined to walk on!

Happy last Monday of the year all.

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