Natural hair journey: 4 months on and getting my protective styling on


Since I cut off my locks in July, I've been a little bit obsessed with gathering information on how to care for my new 'fro. I was pleased to find that there is quite a wealth of information out there with women sharing their trials and triumphs via anecdotes, pictures, videos, recipes and more. Most of these ladies have been from the US and I know some African ones who are skeptical as to whether the suggested techniques will be as effective on kinkier manes. 

My hair is as kinky as it gets – I don't know anyone who has hair as tough as mine. Combs quiver when I'm in the room – they are usually not up for the challenge! That said, I thought I'd chronicle my journey for all those sisters with their work similarly cut out for them.

It all began here. My regimen since the big chop has been a twice weekly wash detangle and deep condition with no comb touching my hair in between. In the mornings, I spritz with a water and oil mixture and simply "fluff" out with my fingers. Recently however, with my hair getting longer, the finger styling hasn't felt presentable enough. So I decided to try and see if it was long enough to two-strand twist. It worked – my first conscious venture into protective styling! It took quite a while to get through my entire head but, the results (and convenience) was worth it.



Images: top – twists in, taken on the day after twisting (see the stubborn curls at the nape of my neck – hanging on to their autonomy!). Bottom – the second day of having the twists out. I managed to keep my hair decent-looking for 4 days after taking the twists out.

2 thoughts on “Natural hair journey: 4 months on and getting my protective styling on”

  1. Keep up the great work with your natural hair journey. Two strand twists are great and easy. But if ever your hair gets tangled from taking out your twists-don’t worry or panic.
    Just get the Take Down Remover cream,it will soften and moisturize your hair as it easily detangles. sells it in N. London.

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