Kenya Independence Day with inspiration from Mutua Matheka)


Following Thursday's photographic homage to my mother's land, Tanzania, on the occassion of its Independence Day, today ,another visual fĂȘte thanks to the camera. This time, in honour of my father's land, Kenya, on the occassion of its Independence Day.

Mutua Matheka is making me incredibly homesick. An artist/architect/photographer, his images create a rich and honourable portrait of the city that I will always call home (no matter how far away I might be!). Here is a collection of buildings and sites around the city and intimate peeks of Paragasha Nites, a concert series organised by Anto Neosoul. Check out Mutua's site for more gems and don't forget to look at his fantastic Structures: A Nairobi Set.



Happy Jamhuri Day people!


Images copyright Mutua Matheka 

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