Inspired by Khadambi Asalache


This is the home of the late Kenyan poet and author, Khadambi Asalache (1935-2006). Considered a pioneer of modern Kenyan literature in English, Asalache was also a fine artist. He transformed, by hand, his modest London terraced house into an incredible piece of art that he left to the UK's National Trust. Inspired by Islamic, English and African art, 

"His work encompasses stories of migration and immigration, exile and return, a narrative which is common to the lives millions of people from all continents. The fact that it is hidden in an 'ordinary' English city terrace is all the more intriguing."

— Elsie Owusu, Founder, Society of Black Architects (full quote here). 

Read more about Asalache and his house here. Currently undergoing a £4 million renovation, the house will be open to the public in 2012.


Images via Linda Nylind/Guardian. See more here

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