Getting ready for the Global Africa Project


The Global Africa Project is a groundbreaking exhibition exploring contemporary African art, design and craft, worldwide. Starting this Wednesday (November 17) at New York's Museum of Art and Design (MAD), over the next 4 months, the work of more than 100 artists working in Africa, Europe, Asia, North America and the Carribbean, will be on view. 


Especially exciting is the fact that craft – which has been such a large part of African life, for centuries, is being valued and shown alongside what is more formally considered as art and design. Expect furniture, architecture, textiles, fashion, jewelry, ceramics, and basketry, photography, painting, sculpture, and installation work.


"The exhibition actively challenges conventional notions of a singular African aesthetic and identity, and reflects the integration of African art and design without making the usual distinctions between “professional” and “artisan.”

(MAD press release)


Check out the MADBlog for several interesting posts related to The Global Africa Project including interviews, other exhibitions and events and exploring questions such as:

"How do we combat the popular misconception that Africa is a country? How do we define “African” in this age of nomadic and migratory identities? Does “African” imply a set of recognizable aesthetic characteristics? Are these expressed globally or only “in situ”? How does the market place figure in and influence our conception of what is “African”?"
(See full post here.)


Images: work from artists, designers and craftspeople who will be showing in the exhibition. Painting by Mickalene Thomas who will be showing work in the exhibition. Bottle design by Kossi Aguessy – see this Christian Rich blog post for more info. Esther Mahlangu BMW image from Cartype. Ceramics by Magdelene Odundo. Kehinde Wiley painting from Annansi Chronicles.

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