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"The mouth is stupid after eating it forgets who gave it the food."

— African Proverb, found via twitterer @AfricanProverbs

Brings to mind so much. The analogy of eating is used so often in discourse on African politics and that's one of the first things that came to my mind. Greedy politicians disregarding the very soil, and communities, which got them to the positions of power they enjoy and so readily exploit. But no need to expand on that rant.

It is perhaps more interesting – and frightening – to look at the phenomenon on the individual level. How we, in our day-to-day lives, do things that show such disregard for what we claim to hold dear. Prime example? Ourselves.

I imagine it's rare to find a person who will publically declare that they don't love themselves. Yet, we eat food that is not nutritious, lead sedentary lives, entertain negativity, let people disrespect us without so much as a peep and, generally avoid taking time to nurture our minds, bodies, spirits and dignity. And then we wonder why things aren't what we hoped they'd be. The mouth forgetting it needs food and then realising that it's hungry. And forgetting where food can be found.

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