Mauritania Independence Day


Mauritania celebrates Independence Day today.

The 2002 film, Heremakono (Waiting for Happiness)was filmed in Mauritania by award-winning film director and producer, Abderrahmane Sissako (the man behind Bamako).

It's a beautifully-shot poetic film that I definitely recommend. Here's a brief synopsis and below, a peek:


Interesting fact: filming for several movies and documentaries has taken place in Mauritania, including the sci-fi, The Fifth Element.


Image: Still from Waiting from Happiness, via Slant Magazine.

2 thoughts on “Mauritania Independence Day”

  1. thanks for the Mauritania post, Lulu. Can’t believe it is 50 years. The 28th is a day of mourning for many Mauritanians- 28 black African Mauritanian soldiers and military men were executed on the 28th of November (1990) by Taya’s government… a culmination of what is referred to as the ‘1989 events’.

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