Angola Independence Day: celebrating the country’s vibrant art scene


When I think of contemporary Angolan culture, I usually think of expressive music and dance – especially the electric Kuduro and the sensual Kizomba. However, there seems to be a dynamic art scene whose energy equally expresses the energetic spirit of a nation regenerating itself, not too long after a 27-year civil war.

So in honour of Angola's Independence Day today, here is a celebration of the country's art. From the little I've seen, collage and assemblage seem to be popular techniques. I love how these serve to create tapestries of memory and aspiration, history and hope, as well as to collate experience and the interaction of cultures.

Images at top: work by Paulo Kapela, via designboom 


Above: António Olé assemblage from Universes in Universe and Berlin installation-in-progress via ỌFỌDUNKA 


Above: work by Kiluanji Kia Henda, via and teodoro não vás ao sonoro 


Above: work by Yonamine, via Artthrob


Above: art inspired by Angola from UK artist John Keane.

Check out initiatives initiatives like Luanda, Smooth and Rave. You can also still catch the Trienal in Luanda, until the 19th of December. An event to promote Angolan culture, you can expect 196 theatre projects, 28 fashion events, cinema, dance, music and more.


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