Nigeria independence day


Nigeria celebrates independence today. There is much art and cultural produce that I could showcase from that vast and colourful nation but, as a lover of African literature, I've chosen to focus on that. Some of the best novels that I've read are by Nigerian writers and here are a few that I highly recommend:

A Way of Being Free
by Ben Okri
A collection of essays that celebrate life, creativity and liberation. Insightful, rejuvenating and inspiring, this is a great read that you can keep coming back to.

Anthills of the Savannah
by Chinua Achebe
A tale of three friends that draws us into their world – a post-colonial African nation – and all of its trials. Told through their voices, the novel deals with betrayal, disappointment and hope in a very entertaining way.

Purple Hibiscus
by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Superbly done, using the story of a young girl and her privileged yet abusive domestic world, to tell a larger story about the Nigerian state and its similar contradictions.

Measuring Time
by Helon Habila
A sensitive tale of twins whose different personalities and paths, as well as those of their family and others around them, reveal the multiple narratives of the wider society, and nation. 


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