Interview with designer Agnes Kuye of Senga K Designs


It's interview day again and time for some more artistry from the sisterhood. AFROlicious fashion designer, Agnes Kuye of Senga K designs, shares with us her passion and her beautiful work. I am especially inspired by Agnes's dedication to her creative expression, considering that she also has a full-time job! Proving again that love will take you very far…


What's your passion?  
My passion is Africa: I eat, sleep & breathe the beautiful continent's richness.

What inspired you to start Senga K Designs?  
Having a 'natural' talent to design/create.


What has been your greatest challenge/obstacle in being an designer? 
Not having enough time. I still work full-time as a Senior Accountant, so all my creations are worked on during every spare minute I have in the evenings & weekends.

How have you overcome it? 
I haven't really, I still work every spare minute god sends, but I absolutely love it so it's a blessed challenge rather than an obstacle.

What has your greatest achievement been? 
Selling my goods around the world and having international success, no matter how small. Interest that comes from far and wide always makes me happy. 


Where will you be in 10 years? 
I have a running joke and say that my sewing machine is my oko (which means husband in Yoruba). I'm not married and have no kids so, as long as my sewing machine remains faithful to me, in 10 years time we will be celebrating our anniversary of creating unlimited AFROLicious goodies and still continue to have national and international success.

How does Africa inspire you? 
Everything about Africa inspires me 1000%. The fashion, food, culture, music, politics & the people in general. Even though I reside in London, I am passionate about Africa, Nigeria especially, being my country of origin. I have fallen in love with African prints, mainly Ankara, hence why they feature heavily in my work. I have definitely inherited Africa's rich spirit in my work – it's  a natural and effortless journey.

Anything else you'd like to share? 
A big thank you to all my clients and friends who have purchased goods from me over the years. The end product of selling is a blessing, but there is no better feeling than to have the  ability to create/design and have people appreciate what you do. It's awesome!!! 


Anything we should look out for in the coming weeks/months/year? 
Yes, I make my AFRO accessories throughout the year – all unique one-off pieces. I also sell at various day and evening events during summer. Please check my links below and watch out for new AFRO goods and news about events. Clients can send me their email address at senga33 [at] excite [dot] com and join my mailing list.


Connect with Senga K Designs through the following channels:
Email – senga33 [at] excite [dot] com
Facebook – Senga Kuye
Facebook page – Senga K Designs Afro/Euro Street Fashion Rocks
Website –
Mobile – 07958 647 022

Images courtesy of Senga K Designs: Creative Designer – Agnes Kuye, Photography – Brian Would, Models – Damy Streetzx and Ri'anne Jones. Top image is of the designer herself, Agnes Kuye.


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