Equatorial Guinea Independence Day with Las Hijas Del Sol


Equatorial Guinea celebrates independence today.

Africa's most prosperous country has inspired several writers in the West who have used the country (or created a fictional one with a striking resemblance) as a setting for their novels. Most famously, Frederick Forsyth (The Dogs of War), Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson (The Illuminatus! Trilogy) and Robin Cook (Chromosome 6).

Interesting fact: Equatorial Guinea was the only Spanish colony in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

Below is a video by Equatoguinean (that's right) group, Las Hijas del Sol, courtesy of YouTuber rdemeij. It's great to see the mix of cultures expressed in the combination of dancing, language and dress. 


Images: on the left, a photograph from paranoiasyos.blogspot.com, on the right, Las Hijas Del Sol's album, Vivir Esta Locura.

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