Botswana independence day


Botswana celebrates independence today.


A small Batswana village, Oodi, has become internationally famous for its Lentswe-la-Odi (Rocky Hills of Oodi) weavers. Creating beautiful, hand-made tapestries that often tell a story, acting as a historical record of events, the members of the cooperative also create tablecloths, jackets, bedspreads, cushion covers etc. See photos on Randy's Travel and Ba Lolwapa Caplan

I love the opening and closing animations from Anthony Minghella's film interpretation of Alexander McCall Smith's book series The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, which is set in Botswana. It reminds me somewhat of the Oodi weaving aesthetics so I looked into it some more. Turns out the animation was created by a UK-based design agency, Airside, and you can read more about their inspiration here. Watch the animation at Forget the Film Watch the Titles.


Images: stills from the opening sequence of The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency, created by Airside, illustrated by Malika Favre.

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