Way beyond Shakira: the Zangalewa phenomenon!

Following up from an earlier discovery (see video clip below), I've just found out that indeed, the inspiration behind (or original version of, depending which camp you're in) "Waka Waka" – "Zangalewa" – could indeed be "the most influential modern pop song from Africa" (With Comb & Razor quoted). Originally by Cameroonian group, The Golden Sounds, the song was redone by a girl group from the Dominican Republic; by a couple of Dutch-Surinamese bands and; again in Africa, in as recent as 2008, in the hands of Didier Awadi of Senegalese group, Positive Black Soul.

For a full analysis, complete with Youtube clips, check out the post on the With Comb & Razor blog.

2 thoughts on “Way beyond Shakira: the Zangalewa phenomenon!”

  1. I know, I’ve always appreciated Shakira’s apparent interest in bringing something new to the table. Imagine my disappointment…

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