Republic of Congo independence day

The Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville and, not to be confused with its neighbour, the Democratic Republic of Congo, also celebrates 50 years of independence today!

Interesting fact: Despite housing part of one of the world's largest rainforests, Congo is one of the most urbanized countries on the continent with 70% of its population living in urban areas (Wikipedia).

Here's a clip of a performance by Babongo Pygmies from Congo :



2 thoughts on “Republic of Congo independence day”

  1. Thanks for this information about the independence Day for the Republic of Congo today..
    I also really enjoyed the short clip of the Babongo Pygmies of Congo performing…
    This is the disconnect with Afrikans from the Diaspora and Afrikans from the Continient. We in the Diaspora have lost so much from our ancestoral land and the rich and lasting culture.
    In the Babongo Pygmies performance, some of the dance moves i saw them do, we use to do them as young people growing but did not know where they came from and their signifance. Much more to see and learn from my great culture….
    Thanks so much for this Afri-Love……

  2. You’re most welcome Jacqueline. It is always interesting to discover how much in common we have with our fellow Africans – whether in the Diaspora or on the continent and despite our different nationalities.
    I appreciate the loss that you are talking about and even on the continent, we have lost/forgotten a lot of our rich culture. It’s no longer just a Diaspora issue, it’s happening in Africa too. And has been for a long time.
    I think the best we can do is educate ourselves, be interested, engage and see how we can preserve the best things (and also do away with some of our more destructive ‘traditions’).
    Thanks for sharing!

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