N’dombolo to rock the Establishment!


Faustin Linyekula (co-founder of African dance company, Gàara Projects) and his dance company, Studio Kabakos bring More more more… future to London's Southbank Centre this October. Describing N'dombolo as the "bastard daughter of rumba, traditional rhythms, church fanfares and sex machine funk", Linyekula 's music and dance spectacle is sure to set the Southbank on fire in a way it's never known!

Date: 9 October 2010
Venue: Southbank Centre, London, UK
Price £12 – £20

A great excerpt from academic Achille Mbembe's "Variations on the Beautiful in the Congolese World of Sound":

“Congolese dance is a carnal endeavour. Against platonizing ideologies that would cast the body as a prison for the soul, dancing here is a celebration of the flesh. The body is absolute flux and music is invested with the power to enter it, penetrating it to the core. Music produces psychic, somatic and emotional effects on the organs and limbs, subjecting them to the rule of waste. Music ‘breaks bones’ (buka mikuwa) and ‘hurls bodies’ (bwakanka nzoto), causing women and men to ‘behave like snakes’ (na zali ko bina lokolo nioka). The body is not so much ‘harmed’ as it becomes a site of transgression, the locus of a blurring – between the transcendental and the empirical, the material and the psychic …  Never simply movement of the human form, Congolese dance embodies something that resembles a search for original life, for perpetual genesis, and, through this, for an ideal of happiness and serenity.”

(Found on the Studio Kabakos website).

Thanks to Catch a Vibe for the heads up. 

PS I must say that I love the Southbank Centre and  think that they put on a lot of great events, exhibitions and other programmes to open minds and introduce people to the diversity and richness of cultures from all around the world. So "Establishment" is merely exaggeration for effect!

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