Gabon independence day


Another 50th! Gabon celebrates the golden anniversary of its independence today.

Interesting fact: this prosperous nation has the highest Human Development Index in Africa. 

Widely heard across the continent and beyond, singer Oliver N'goma hails from Gabon.

Below, a video from songstress Patience Dabany, former wife of Gabon's former president, Omar Bongo, and mother of the current president, Ali Bongo Ondimba!

The Ministry for  Arts, Culture and Popular Education of Gabon has invested in a really interesting website, I'm loving this animated experience on the site: the Virtual Museum of Arts and Traditions in Gabon.

And this project where artist Georges Mbourou works with children around the country, to paint their Gabon: "The children in Gabon paint their country" (Les enfants Gabonais peignent leur Gabon). It's in French but you can easily navigate the interesting interactive environment without any particular French language skills!

There are some funky desktop wallpapers to download in the "Phototheque" section of A couple of them are visible at the top of this post.

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  1. This is a good read…
    Appreciate your tremendous effort. I’m a less speaking french 🙂 however i was interested researching about the life of one of my favorite artiste of all time and i know you guessed right -Oliver Ngoma (rip). This is how i ended up on your blog! I’m interested in knowing about his wife and children.
    Best Regards,
    Tim. -Uganda

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