Fatric Bewong: painting the sounds of nature


Ghanaian artist, Fatric Bewong, generously shares her work and process with Afri-love. Working in Tarkwa, in the Western Region of Ghana, Fatric's current work is inspired by paying attention to the sounds of nature. Though famous for its rich mineral wealth, Fatric says that Tarkwa should be noted for its daily – ritual even – afternoon rainfall, falling always between 2 and 3pm.

"The more attention I paid to it, the more I was interested in hearing the intricate details of the drops. It was complex but all was harmonious. The sound of the wind and the rain was soothing, calm and not intrusive. It made me more reflective. That was the moment I started giving more thought to the sounds of nature, so they could inspire my paintings. I deliberately allow the sounds to influence my work. The pitch, the tempo, the melodies and the choruses, all being created by a multitude of animate and inanimate beings take their positions on my canvases in a careful, respectful and loving manner."


Fatric sometimes records nature's sounds and plays them over and over in her studio, mixing them and arranging them into "finished artistic soundscapes". The sounds themselves inspire in Fatric a high that is independent of any drug!

"Nature is beautiful, nature is wonderful, nature is awesome and nature is a great inspiration."

You can find out more about Fatric and her work from the Foundation for Contemporary Art Ghana, from African Colours and of course, on her own website

Images courtesy of the artist.


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