Bamako Art Symposium: 22-30 July 2010


Next week, the Bamako Symposium on the Arts:Tapping Local Resources for Sustainable Development in the 21st Century, will be taking place at the University of Mali, Bamako. 

With the practical acts [workshops, exhibitions, performances and other artistic interventions] and theoretical presentations we aim to promote critical dialogues on the best practices around the world on how the arts as resource feed civilizations in hope that we will generate new initiatives to boost human capital development in Mali in the 21st century. Interestingly, the symposium coincides with the celebration of the fifty year of independence of Mali.

We define the arts broadly to include visual arts, literary arts, performing arts, design, new media/film production, arts history, arts criticism, arts education, arts administration and curatorship, and emerging others. We expect about 200 participants from around the world. The working language of the conference will be French and English.

Any lucky attendees, please share how it goes!

Check out the Nka foundation who are behind the event. "Human capital development through focus on the arts." Now that's what I'm talking about!

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