SA week: Apartheid Museum




Johannesburg's Apartheid Museum, is a must-visit if you're ever in town. The visitor is guided through 20th century South Africa in a series of 22 individual exhibition areas – each a different chapters of the apartheid story. 

After my visit a few years ago, I was left with two particular impressions: 

1. That it was an incredibly well-designed museum. Successful in using contemporary and unique architecture to recreate so well, historical scenarios. The range of media used make for a visitor experience that is truly multidimensional, interactive and exciting. Do not expect to just walk around looking at things framed on the walls! You will be taken inside, outside, into small spaces, forced to look up, forced to look down, forced to look at yourself… and on it goes.

2. That it was an incredibly well-curated museum. Enough so that it is impossible to leave without having been moved. The visitor is taken through a journey that draws out empathy, anger, triumph and frustration. It was a very emotional experience and the difficult thing is – once you leave, it's easy to exhale and think, thank goodness that (apartheid) is over. But when you really look at it, its spirit lives on in the different forms of segregation, discrimination and exploitation that still take place around the world, in the name of difference. You leave feeling like there is still so much work to do.

And there is. To another day of working against hate!

"Tell my people that I love them and that they must continue the struggle."
— Solomon Mahlangu (1979)



Now on at the museum – a special exhibit on Madiba (aka Nelson Mandela).


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